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The broker came to Athas looking for 70% LTV on the purchase of a 5 unit multi-family property in San Antonio, TX. The borrower later revealed they had gift funds for the majority of the down payment and the appraisal report revealed the property as C-Grade, yet Athas still closed this $182k loan with a 9.99%.

The broker came to Athas looking to secure financing for his client who had mortgage lates within the last 12 months and a $97,000 IRS lien needing to be paid.  This was a full doc TRID loan.  We closed it in less than 30 days at 8.25% on a 7/1 arm with no prepay and 2.5 pts to the broker.

The broker came to Athas with a borrower who was looking for cash out on his Investment property located in Bay Point, California.  The borrower had less than perfect credit, with a 508 FICO Score, recent mortgage lates and a Foreclosure within the last 36 months.  Athas Capital was able to help the borrower with a cash out refinance, and closed the loan in 23 days.  The borrower decided on a 12 month Bridge Loan with a 9.5% rate and no prepayment penalty.

Out of state borrower was in contract to purchase an investment property in Venice CA.  Borrower was seeking a short term bridge loan to secure the property by the close of escrow date which was 2 weeks out from submission date.  ACG issued the approval in 24 hours and the loan was funded on time for 1 million @74% LTV with a 12 month term with no prepay.  AGC performed on time for all interested parties.

Our borrower was looking for financing on a 2 unit investment property in Pflugerville, TX. The borrower only owned the property for only six months at the time of the loan submission, however Athas was able to provide financing based on appraised value after giving credit for provable renovations done by the borrower. The borrower did not want a short term balloon payment, and was thrilled when we funded in less than thirty days with our Subprime Business Purpose product at 7.5%.

The broker came to Athas on the 19th of January seeking a 75% purchase money loan and a 10 day close on a NON-Owner condo in Chino, Hills, CA. Broker was very thorough and provided everything needed upfront including most conditions. Athas was able to deliver on a quick close and the loan Funded on time. Athas provided a 3/1 ARM with a rate of 8.99.

Broker came to Athas looking for a fast close on a consumer purchase bank statement loan. The loan was with another company and they were dragging their feet on the closing. This loan took Athas 11 business days from conditional loan approval to docs. $682K loan amount at 70% LTV 6.625% broker made 2.5 points on the transaction.

The borrow came to Athas looking for a FIX AND FLIP product for a SFR in Perris California and need a quick close due to a fall out from another lender. Athas was able to close the deal in 4 days with an appraisal ordered and delivered in between.  Our main borrower signed in Moreno Valley California and the co-Borrower signed in Austin, Texas. We closed on a 9.5% Interest only loan for 12 months.

Our broker came to Athas Capital Group looking for 60% LTV on an $870,000 Commercial Condominium Purchase in San Jose, California.  Athas Capital secured financing for the borrower and closed this commercial loan in 30 days. ACG funded this deal with a 12 month term at 9.99%, Interest only, with no prepayment penalty.

Broker came to Athas looking for a fast reliable financial solution for borrower unable to document income. Needed large cash out on an investment property in Palo Alto CA. Athas provided financing on a $500K cash out refinance at 8.99%, 24 month term and no prepay. The broker earned 3 points for this deal.

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